Strengthen Your Money Mojo

What we need to know gets more involved as time marches on.

My parents told me, and I also remember how it was with my grandparents. They worked hard for food and a meager home and saved as much as they could so they could help their children and not be a burden. My grandfather owned a wholesale candy business and my grandmother was his bookkeeper. She also took care of her parents, her sister, and eventually 3 children.

Their money went into a bank, or for the very long term, it was U.S. Savings Bonds. Other investments were only for people who had extra money to take a chance with, and back then most families didn’t.
Wow times have really changed!

Now we have what seem to be endless financial options.

Investment OptionsDoes anyone even remember how to write out a check? I remember well sitting at the kitchen table with my grandmother at the age of 7, when she showed me how. Now, it’s either credit card or debit card.

Do you know about all the investment choices? There is a myriad of options, all of which I can explain in easy to understand terms. If you don’t understand your holdings or are interested in starting to invest, this information is invaluable.

Do you know what’s right for you and where your money really is?

Next, do you need to strengthen your insurance money mojo?

If you live in the US, it’s very likely that if nothing else, you need auto insurance. Almost everyone drives and owns a car.

If you have a home you need insurance for the contents, and if you own it, you need property and liability insurance.

Also just as important is health insurance. Maybe you have it through your employer, or privately. You will likely need to review it with the coming changes to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

Maybe you have or need life insurance. If you have children or earn considerably more than your spouse, this is something you should consider, and investigate if you don’t have it or are unfamiliar with what you already have.

I can help guide you through all of this.

Other money mojo plans could include buying or selling a home.
I can help you choose your realtors and mortgage brokers, complete a mortgage application, correct any credit report errors, and help with “designed to sell” strategies.

I helped one gal sell 2 condos in 2009 when the real estate market was flat. The strategies and realtor we used actually had a bidding war on both condos, and she had contracts on both within 3 weeks, for more than the listed price. Having only sold 2 properties earlier that year, the realtor was amazed.

When trying to sort through your money matters, you may find you want more help.

money questionsBelow is a complete list of the issues that I can help you with. All of these services have been previously provided to women just like you, most of whom needed guidance to get to a fair divorce settlement and start a fresh new life.

More recently, other women in different situations have used these same services for future planning. It has helped them achieve peace of mind, understanding their current lifestyles and knowing they will avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

What are YOU unsure of? I can help you with any or all of these.

Personal Budget
– Banking and Expenses

Personal and Property Insurance – Health, Homeowners & Tenant, Auto & Life

Future Planning – Will & Associated Documents, Retirement, Disability, College Planning

Home Buying and Selling – Realtors, Mortgage, Credit Reports, “Designed to Sell”

Divorce – Pre-Planning, In The Trenches, Final Negotiations – Preventing Loose Ends

Personal & Small Business Income Taxes – Income & Deductions and Planning

How We Can Work Together

Women discussing moneyMost women prefer a monthly arrangement. Based on your needs we start with a time frame that should allow us to get most of your needs met. After that, we proceed on a month by month basis until you’ve got all your ducks in a row and feel secure. There are no overwhelming deadlines and the entire process is personalized. Out contact will be a combination of scheduled phone and Skype calls, and unlimited emails within reason.

It is structured with the following objectives:

  • Help you establish a strong mindset … to help you focus without feeling pressured.
  • Assemble your documents … with guidance as to how to find difficult to locate information.
  • Evaluate your assets and debts … understand what you have and make smart decisions.
  • Review your existing insurance policies, discussing what you have, potential changes. or new policies.
  • Review your existing legal documents, and discussing what you have, potential changes. or new documents to draft.
  • Review your personal tax returns – discuss your overall tax situation, and zero in on future tax savings.

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Ellen is a Women’s Financial Specialist and has been a federally licensed tax practitioner for more than 25 years. She has expanded from the divorce specialty to a broader financial practice, helping women in many stages of life set up their finances on autopilot. She is also the author of the popular e-book "Divorce Starter Tools Women Need."

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