5 Tax Savings Steps Using Itemized Deductions

Did You Know???  Itemized Deductions are NOT Just For Homeowners with Mortgages. The biggest question individuals have when preparing their tax returns is whether to take the Standard Deduction or claim the mysterious Itemized Deductions on the IRS form Schedule A. Here’s the info that can help you decide what will save you the most tax Read more about 5 Tax Savings Steps Using Itemized Deductions[…]

Additional Refunds With Amended Tax Returns

Did you know that once you file a tax return you have more time to claim additional refunds by filing an amended tax return? You may not have received documentation of a deduction by the filing deadline, or maybe you didn’t realize there was a deduction you were entitled to that you didn’t claim. Either Read more about Additional Refunds With Amended Tax Returns[…]

Estimated Tax Payments – The Real Deal

What Are Estimated Tax Payments? Some people don’t have to even think about what estimated payments are all about. They have their federal and state income taxes withheld by their employers, retirement payouts, and even Social Security benefits. However there are many who have no withholdings and face an excessive tax balance at the end Read more about Estimated Tax Payments – The Real Deal[…]

Tax Tip If You Moved Into A New Home

Have You Moved? Or Are You Planning To? If you recently moved into a new home, no matter the reason, it can be very disruptive. You have to change addresses for everything – banking and investment institutions, credit card companies, and so many other businesses. So who would even think about the IRS???  There’s great Read more about Tax Tip If You Moved Into A New Home[…]

Money in Wallet

Why You DON’T Want a Large Income Tax Refund

You’re probably wondering, “Why wouldn’t I want a large tax refund?”  Short Answer: You’ll have more cash in your wallet all year instead.,.. Consider this… Most people don’t want to give the government an interest free loan for more than a year. They’re holding your money hostage while you may be cutting corners to cover all Read more about Why You DON’T Want a Large Income Tax Refund[…]

Child Tax Dependent Demystified

Is Your Child STILL Your Dependent? In many cases people just assume their children are dependents. Sometimes they’re not. This dependency status also determines whether or not you can claim other deductions and tax credits, so it’s important to evaluate this correctly. There can be a lot of tax dollars at stake. The child you Read more about Child Tax Dependent Demystified[…]

Conquer Your Taxes

Uncle Sam Doesn’t Scare Me… Taxes Don’t Have To Scare You Either I have been a licensed tax professional for 33 years, an Enrolled Agent – Enrolled to Practice before the Internal Revenue Service. That description can be misleading. I have NEVER worked for the IRS and I do not represent that agency. The license Read more about Conquer Your Taxes[…]

5 Steps to College Savings and Planning

College savings and planning can be overwhelming at best. Below are the key facts you should know in order to maximize the funding you make available for your child’s education. Whether your child is a newborn or in high school, it’s never too late to get a jump on this. After all, the most important Read more about 5 Steps to College Savings and Planning[…]