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Ideal Starting Point

It seems that everywhere you turn there is generic information about money, investments and retirement. However it’s frustrating because no one really explains those things in practical and easy to understand language. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ve found your ideal starting point. See how it’s done.

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Become $mart and $avvy

Living in the U.S., all of the financial choices can be overwhelming. Don’t be blind-sided by factors or terminology you don’t understand. Together, we will put a smart plan in place so you can feel financially fit now, and confident about the future. See who can answer your questions so you can feel empowered.

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See What Others Say

Functional Financial Fitness is a comprehensive Step-by-Step System I developed during my divorce that I share with clients. It will financially empower you, and provide you peace of mind, knowing how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. See how others have set it all aside, with most of it now on autopilot.

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Get Starter Info Now

Get Your FREE BONUS “How To Avoid The 10 Financial Mistakes Women Make” when you sign up for my FREE Money Mojo Blog Subscription. Practical and easy to understand tips that you can put to use RIGHT NOW! Strengthen your Money Mojo! Start on the path to becoming $mart and $avvy.

Schedule a Complimentary Brainstorming Session to discover your options. Your only investment is your time.You have potentially everything to gain. The sooner you start the more you'll save. Get on my calendar now!

About Your Money Mentor

With you every step of the way
Helping women find & implement solutions to secure their futures.

I work with women to get their financial lives in order, so they can relax, knowing they have the most cost effective pieces in place, and most of it is running on autopilot.

The services I provide are strictly personalized. My past clients will tell you that I take the extra steps to be sure you're secure and that we leave no stones unturned..

Women have the advantages of my accumulated financial life education and experiences which include insurances, investments, real estate, and my personal forte, taxes.

When not working with clients I can be found with my daughter rolling around on my speed skates at my favorite rink or cheering on my NY Mets team. Review all the details about me at the Professional Credentials page.

  • Caring and Understanding

  • Loyal to you and your needs

  • For segments as well as big picture

  • Finds the most cost effective solutions

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